Welcome to the Desert of the Real!

This site is still under construction...

...but as an appetizer I can already show you three pictures I rendered for the IRTC:


"The Desert of the Real"

The desert of the real

The topic was "Worlds within Worlds". I puzzled a long time, how I could visualise this. I didn't want the typical picture in picture-stuff, because everybody would do this. So, suddenly this image popped into my mind. It's a rather abstract interpretation of the topic. It is an allegory, a metaphor that shows our life insight our artificial environment which is created by us. The humans on this planet are portraied as balloons. They think of theirselfs as massive entities, but the truth is, that they are blown up and consists of nothing but hot air and a hull (or you could say "surface"). This shows the superficiality of mankind. Man only sees surfaces and believes, what he sees. Man believes that his environment, his live, his reality was given to him from the outside and could hardly be altered by himself. But in reality he unconsciously creates all this by himself. It's all a self-fulfilling prophesy. So he doesn't live in the "real" world, as he believes, but in a selfcreated dreamworld. It's "samsara" or "maya", like buddhists and hinduists say. Our environment seems to us so real, because it is just like us: A giant balloon - a "luftschloss" which surrounds us, so we bump against it in every direction. It's contact feels comfortable to us. It's our little world, and we like it. But it has a snag: It isn't real. It's just a balloon that waits to get stitched and burst like a soap bubble. And the "real" world, the desert of the real, is full of stings.

When I had the idea of this image, I was inspired by the movie "The Matrix", the book "Simulacra & Simulation" from Jean Baudrillard (from which the Wachowski-Brothers (the authors of Matrix) borrowed the term "desert of the real"), the novels of Philip K. Dick, the constructivism and zen buddhism. The desert itself is inspired by images of the Black Rock desert, northwest Nevada.

This image was modeled with Moray 3.3 and rendered with Povray 3.5.


"Paradise Lost"

Paradise Lost

On this round the topic was "Loneliness". For me, loneliness is when your loved sweetheart someday tells you "I don't love you anymore!" and then he/she leaves you! This feeling can't be described by words, so I used this picture. I think, everybody who had this experience knows what I'm talking about. I can't tell why this picture should be so as it is. It was an emotional decision. It came directly from my heart. All I had to do, was to bring it into the computer. So, for me, loneliness looks like this. (This image is ideally viewed in a dark room! Or turn up the brightness of your monitor if you don't want to turn off the lights.)

This image was modeled with Maya 4.0 and rendered with Virtualight 1.2.


"Coffee Break"

Coffee Break

So, the topic was "Frozen Moment". Hey, that's cool! I like that. It didn't need long to come to the idea of a falling coffee-cup. Everytime when I make coffee and walk around with it, I ask myself how it would look, if I would let it fall to the floor with a light spin, and all the coffee would spill out - in bullet-time (or wouldn't it be called "droplet-time" then?
<g>). I always wanted to do that in an animation. So here's the first picture of it. The most interesting frame. The moment, when the cup hits the ground (or you could say a nanosecond after it). The moment frozen in time. For this image I won a "technical merit" at the IRTC.

This image was modeled with Maya 4.5 and rendered with mental ray for Maya 1.5. No real cups were harmed in the making of this image. ;-)


I will enhance this site soon, when I have time and motivation... come back soon! You won't be disappointed.